Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Empty Nest Blues

The photo and poetry resonated with me today. Must be missing the kids more than I thought. Where did the time go?

Photo by Robin Purcell

Go to sleep, Mum,
I won't stop breathing
suddenly, in the night.

Go to sleep, I won't
climb out of my cot and
tumble downstairs.

Mum, I won't swallow
the pills the doctor gave you or
put hairpins in electric
sockets, jut go to sleep.

I won'tcry
when you take me to school and l eave me:
I'll be happy with the other children
my own age.

Sleep, Mum, sleep.
I won't
fall in the pond, play with matches,
run under a lorry or even consider
sweets from strangers.

No, I won't
give you a lot of lip,
not like some.

I won't sniff glue,
fail all my exams,
get myself/
my girlfriend pregnant.
I'll work hard and get a steady/
really worthwihle job.
I promise, go to sleep.

I'll never forget
to drop in/phone/write
and if
I need any milk, I'll yell.

LULLABY--by Rosemary Norman

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  1. I miss you mom! I can't wait to see you and your "hubbykins" in a month. I love you!